Why choose us
For all you guys out there, you’ll never need another pick-up line again. Trust us, your outrageous t-shirt will do all the talking for you. For all you girls out there, just when you thought they were staring at your breasts, you’ll be relieved to know that he’ll want to talk to you because of your funny T-shirt and of course because you’re a really smart chick! Hey, no worries, you can thank us another time!

And don’t forget, when you purchase a Kitty Kitty Bang Bang t-shirt, it comes with sixty-nine lives!
We are one of the premier funny t-shirt companies in the United States, and pride ourselves on the quality t-shirts we use to print on, as well as the digital printing process that makes our graphics so much crisper and clearer than our competition. Of course, even though we make the best quality t-shirts out there, all you care about is that they are funny. Ours are the funniest t-shirts available as well!

About us

Yes we are twisted, a bit sick, sometimes offensive,and at times even really cute. But mostly, we Rock & Roll to the beat of rude and crude.

Do you dare to be different? Refuse to follow the crowd and love attention? Then come play in our world, get your hands dirty in our litter box and cough up a few hairballs. You need to get with the program.
Kitty Kitty Bang Bang loves nothing better than to make you feel great about the t-shirt you’re wearing and help you get the attention you deserve. Seriously, there’s no better way to get attention than to wear one of our cool and groovy T-shirts. So check out our ever expanding selection of funny t-shirts, crazy t-shirts, outrageous t-shirts, and generally over-the-top designs!